Hello world!

I think a good place to start is my motivations behind starting this blog and the kind of content I intend to post here. I’ve been a web developer for the past 6 years and, and over that time there’s been a number of interesting techniques and technologies I’ve come across and implemented. I’d like to be able to document my similar future experiences, in a public way, with my own contributions and insights. Secondly I spend a great deal of time keeping up with recent technological developments in general, and I’d like to post thoughts about those here.

So why a blog?

I think there’s a few reasons why a blog is the best medium for this content. The first is that a blog is an informal way to present content in an environment that I’m extremely familiar with. Depending on time constraints, I can exercise as much or little control over customization and polish as I desire, and I won’t feel limited by the platform. Given my skills, it’s a natural place to document my experiences and discoveries.

There are a few alternatives to posting this content through a blog, but I don’t think any of them meet my current needs or goals. For example, I could post these thoughts and experience on Facebook or another social media site, but these platforms are extremely limited in both their formatting options and content capacity.

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